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Download Colorsource software application and test forms for matching your printing presses to CMYK ISO12647-2-3-4-6 or G7/IDEAlliance standards

Learn here how to normalize, document, and match all CMYK or N-Color print processes:

Matching any existing print standard and creating your own print standards using the best practices and methods with Colorsource. Download the PowerPoint as PDF file:

ISO 12647-2-3-4-6 and G7/IDEAlliance press setting software:

Our press setting applications MagicPress and MagicPrepress that replace CMYK_100% and CMYK_Gravure since November 2020, can process almost any kind of one to ten colors press measurement files formatted as CGATS text files: Spectral 380-730 nm, 400-700 nm or else, XYZ, Lab etc.
Of course, when spectral data are present (and they should be whenever possible), they are used in
priority by the applications because they contain much more information than colorimetric data.

So that MagicPress and MagicPrepress can process any CGATS spectral (or non-spectral) One to Ten colors chart measurement file such as delivered by the X-Rite i1Pro 1-2-3 family, Konica-Minolta, Techkon or X-Rite eXact spectrophotometers etc. (With X-Rite it makes much more sense using i1Pro than eXact, because better and much cheaper!). In a near future all Colorsource applications will have the same very flexible CGATS data import functions.

Actually, you will experience that today, your print productivity and quality do not depend so much on the model of spectrophotometer you are using, but on the software applications that process your spectral measurements. And this is the job of Colorsource applications.

Check the up to date price list of Colorsource software applications for Print Houses

Please note the trial versions of the paying software have some deliberate limitations: For example, the 100% Magenta ink optimal print density and the according workflow correction curve are not displayed. If you want a temporary license key for testing without any limits, please send us your request by email with your full professional co-ordinates.

The applications require Excel 2010, Excel 2013 or Excel 2016 or later 32- or 64-bits versions on your PC running Windows 32 or 64 bits (Windows XP/ 7/ 8.1/ 10).

Link for remote support or demo on your PC (On appointment only):

Standard press setting charts CGATS reference files supplied with Colorsource press-setting applications

All appropriate sample CGATS references files and according printable color bars are included in the applications downloadable zip files. For simple ISO12647 CMYK press-setting, you can use as well our free CMYK test forms at the end of this page, which contain all necessary CMYK charts and quality control elements.

 MagicPrepress application icon

MagicPress and MagicPrepress v1.3.2: For fast, easy, and reliable ISO12647-2-3-4-6 and G7/IDEAlliance and custom CMYK press setting, and much more

New: MagicPress and MagicPrepress now work in Spanish, French and English.

Nuevo: MagicPress y MagicPrepress ahora funcionan en español, inglés y francés.

MagicPress and MagicPrepress N-CLR options

MagicPress and MagicPrepress trial versions can open and process any 1 to 10 colors press chart CGATS measurement file with or without a CMYK base, but only partial results are displayed. If you want a temporary license key for testing MagicPress and MagicPrepress and their N-Color options without any limits, please send us your request by email with your full professional co-ordinates.

 PLATE application icon

PLATE: For lithographic offset plates control and CtP calibration

 SPOT_Color_Manager application icon

SPOT_Color_Manager: PANTONE Color Quality Control at ink reception and printed PANTONE quality control

SPOT_Color_Manager can use ALL your up-to-date PANTONE digital libraries as reference target colors, thanks to free Colorsource CxF3_to_CGATS utility you will find at following paragraph:

 CxF3_to_CGATS application icon

CxF3_to_CGATS: The free utility for using all CxFv3 up to date PANTONE spectral data with the best market applications, including SPOT_Color_Manager

This product is suppressed: You can download MagicPress or MagicPrepress trial versions and use their Inks Libraries InksLib in order to import any CxFv3 PANTONE ink library and export it as CGATS file. Following user's guide keeps useful because it explains you how to get all up to date PANTONE spectral libraries, that are the reference for any PANTONE ink formulation or ink quality control or print quality control:

Printing press and digital printer's characterization:

 CMYK_Backgrounds application icon

CMYK_Backgrounds: Printing on colored or transparent print medias with or without white ink

 ICC_Profile_Convertor application icon

ICC_Profile_Convertor: N-colors design, prepress, and color proofing

 ICC_Normalize application icon

Finalize, document, publish and communicate all your special color printing configurations using CMYK or N-Colors with free ICC_Normalize application

This free application is an excellent complement to ProfileMaker that we still consider being by far the best color management software for professional print industries.

For creating each new print standard, the ICC_Normalize allows you normalizing the press ICC profile on your ideal standard target TVI curves, and then memorizing all the attached print configuration parameters. You can easily archive, publish and communicate each new standard in the form of a single A4 Excel spreadsheet that contains all the technical and quantitative information needed by any print house for matching your standard at each production print run.

Of course, the software can use English or French languages for easing your international communications.

All the quantitative data in the published Excel standard specification sheet can be easily used by Colorsource press setting software for making your production runs even easier and faster.

 Application not available at the moment

CMYK print and proof control software:


CMYK_Print_&_Proof v2.7 free: Fast and reliable control of all CMYK color proofs

The ΔE76 visual distance formula used by ISO12647-x standards is no longer used in any serious Industry, because ΔE76 does not evaluate accurately the visual distances perceived by human vision. Of course, free Colorsource applications need no key and they are unlimited versions.

Not only CMYK_Print_&_Proof allows you controlling your proofs according to ISO12647-7 and G7/IDEAlliance, but also it allows you much more reliable print and proofs quality controls by using the ΔE2000 visual distance evaluation. The application allows you best productivity and diagnosis, with a validation ticket plus a comprehensive PDF detailed control report.

An interesting Fogra Media Wedge 3 control file: This Epson proof is considered BAD on yellow 100% by ISO12647-7 ΔE76 and ΔH control, while ΔE2000 control shows the Yellow 100% patch is printed much better than many other patches including C100% and M100%! Check it by yourself by using CMYK_Print_&_Proof!


CMYK_Print_&_Proof_Pro: Fast and reliable control of all CMYK color print and proofs

CMYK_Print_&_Proof _PRO allows you controlling not only your CMYK proofs but also your CMYK prints versus ISO12647-2-3-4-6 standards with a comprehensive PDF diagnosis including the densities, colors and dot gain or TVI curves of your CMYK prints.

This trial version offers you full functionalities for a few days. You can buy this software as a standalone module or as a part of the full Colorsource software bundle dedicated to offset, gravure and flexographic press setting.

Colorsource free CMYK test forms:

These CMYK test prints allows easy setting of all your presses for matching ISO 12647-2-3-4-6 or G7/IDEAlliance standards, or any custom CMYK standard.

Important note: All CMYK images in these test forms are color separated using an ISOCoatedv2 CMYK ICC profile with 300% total ink coverage. You should use these CMYK test forms unchanged for setting your offset presses matching thick coated, or white uncoated offset paper ISO standards.

But if reprinting the test form on white uncoated offset paper with appropriately corrected CMYK plates, you should do CMYK conversion on your prepress workflow, from ISOCoatedv2 (Fogra 39) to the appropriate ISO Fogra 47 color space; in perceptual mode. (Use two ICC profiles or a DeviceLink computed from these profiles). This in order to get a nice print appearance on white offset paper.

Another solution consists into modifying our original CMYK test form with ISOCoatedv2 color separations into a new test form with Fogra_47 color separations, which is easy to do, by opening its PDF with Illustrator, and then converting all CMYK images (except CMYK charts, of course) from ISOCoatedv2 into the appropriate calibrated press color space.

The CGATS reference text files for measuring all CMYK charts present in these test forms are supplied in the distribution ZIPs of MagicPress (Computing the optimal CMYK print densities), MagicPrepress (Computing the optimal correction curves), and PLATE (Checking the offset plates and calibrating CtP's if necessary):

Colorsource 100 x 70 cm, 70 x 50 cm and 50 x 35 cm universal CMYK test form

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