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Free CMYK_Print_&_Proof control application


Our free application allows you fast and easy control of all CMYK proof works, using Fogra Media Wedge 2, Fogra Media Wedge 3, Colorsource ISO 12647-7 or G7/IDEAlliance ISO12647-7 2009 control bars.

You can use a basic and affordable spectrophotometer such as Eye-One Pro 1,2,3 or EFI ES-x equivalents.

The AUTO mode allows the automatic comparison of your measured control bar with the nearest found ISO 12647-2-3-4 or G7/IDEAlliance or CUSTOM standard, which allows, if needed, identifying the CMYK standard being simulated by the CMYK color proof.

The ΔE76 visual distance formula used by ISO12647-7 standard is no longer used by any serious Industry, because ΔE76 does not evaluate accurately the visual distance between two colors perceived by human vision. CMYK_Print_&_Proof not only allows you making your CMYK proof controls using ΔE76 and ΔH according to ISO12647-7 and G7/IDEAlliance, but also it allows you much more reliable proofs quality controls by using the ΔE2000 visual distance evaluation.

CMYK_Print_&_Proof application allows you:

a) Controlling all CMYK color proofs according to ISO12647-7 (ΔE76 & ΔH), ISO12642 (ΔE76), or G7/IDEAlliance specific criteria (ΔE76, ΔH, ΔL, & ΔF), or according to your own tolerances based upon ΔECMC2:1 or ΔE2000.

b) Setting your own CUSTOM target colors and tolerances, for controlling ISO12647-6 or your own traditional or digital CMYK print standards.

The CMYK_Print_&_Proof_PRO version allows you controlling not only your CMYK proofs but also your CMYK prints versus ISO12647-2-3-4-6 standards with a comprehensive PDF diagnosis including the densities, colors, and TVI or dot gain curves of your CMYK prints.

If you are a professional Printer, you can use free CMYK_Print_and_Proof application with our free universal CMYK test print for estimating your present CMYK print color quality against ISO12647-x standards.

Download your free CMYK_Print_&_Proof application or test its PRO version:

Controlling various ISO12647-x color proofs with Eye-One Pro

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