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Compute the optimal CMYK correction curves for matching any ISO or G7 or custom print standard

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CMYK_Gravure application allows you computing the four optimal CMYK printing forms correction curves allowing matching all CMYK screened tones to the according ISO 12647-2-3-4-6 or G7/IDEAlliance standards.

All this with using a very fast and affordable Eye-One Pro, Eye-One Pro2, EFI ES-1000 or ES-2000 spectrophotometer.

CMYK_Gravure application only asks you measuring one of our dedicated TVI curves charts in scan mode, on a few good printed copies, after you have properly set your CMYK solid inks densities using CMYK_100% application.

Much more than a basic dot gain calculator, CMYK_Gravure checks your average measured test print run is valid for computing valid curves, and gives you all appropriate diagnosis messages if it detects any problem.

CMYK_Gravure application allows you as well checking and updating your CMYK printing forms correction curves by measuring any standard commercial print run, which avoids you making very expensive test print runs on continuous presses such as gravure or drum web presses.

With CMYK_Gravure application, you can as well create, record and then match your own custom CMYK or any four inks colors print standards.

Do not stay in the dark: Colorsource applications bring the best solutions to all your prepress and press-room quality issues, and with using an inexpensive basic Eye-One Pro or Eye-One Pro2 spectrophotometer.

Download CMYK_Gravure with its user's guide:

Measuring a CMYK test print for computing the appropriate correction curves with CMYK_Gravure application

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